In the fall of 2017, a group of Barlow alumni came together to discuss the up-and-coming 50th anniversary of our beloved high school. This milestone could not pass without a celebration! This group shared a love for our alma mater, and we understood that Barlow High was more than just an educational institution, it was—and is—a community: a community of students, faculty, staff, administrators and parents who share a genuine commitment to education and the experience that is Sam Barlow High School. So, the Barlow50 Committee was formed.

The fiftieth anniversary celebration encompassed two days. By any metric it was a resounding success, including an amazing dinner event, a wildly successful fund-raising auction, and a wonderful open house at the school the next day. Click HERE to see pictures of the results of the Barlow50 fundraising!

After the celebration, many members of the Barlow50 Committee realized they wanted to have a long-term impact on Barlow. We share a commitment to SBHS, and the anniversary celebration revealed a groundswell of support among alumni who want to champion Barlow in a tangible way. So, after months of planning and work, the Sam Barlow High School Alumni Association–SBHSAA–was formed. CLICK HERE to read the introduction letter we sent to our Barlow50 supporters.

The initial SBHSAA Board of Directors formulated our Bylaws, including our Mission Statement. An important part of that mission will consist of scholarships, awarded to deserving Barlow seniors each year. Our immediate goal is to fund a substantial scholarship for at least one deserving senior in the spring of 2020.

Our story is just beginning! We have exciting things planned, all of them intended to further our mission to Sam Barlow High School. We invite you to join us! Please check our site often so you can be kept informed. Individual donations and contributions are also welcome; please click on DONATE in the main menu.

Your Board of Directors:

Nicki Hudson ‘76, President
Diane Deatherage ‘70, Vice President
Carol Hardin ‘72, Secretary
Barb Decious ’70, & Lori Engdall ‘76, Co-Treasurers
Linda Meade ‘72
Amber Schroeder ‘97
Matt Norquist ‘77