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Get involved with the SBHSAA! Click HERE for information on who we are and what we do. We're always looking for new alumni who want to give back to Barlow!




"Once a Bruin, always a Bruin!"  We believe that Barlow is unique. There's a very special community here.

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So many of us have benefitted from our time at Sam Barlow High School. And we appreciate the lifelong bond that was created during our high school experience.

We, the SBHSAA, are here because we truly believe in Barlow. We remember the amazing faculty that had such an impact on our lives, the generous staff that gave us the tools we needed, the supporting administration that kept our beloved school running ship-shape. Now, as alumni, we want to provide resouces for the students, faculty, administration, classified staff, parents—the entire Barlow community! It's our mission to support Sam Barlow High School as best we can.

In 2019 we celebrated Barlow's 50th Anniversary! The event revealed a groundswell of support among alumni who want to champion Barlow in a tangible way.

The founding SBHSAA Board of Directors has formulated our Bylaws, including our Mission Statement. We are a registered, non-profit (tax deductible!) organization; we want to be an efficient conduit to faithfully funnel the resources of likeminded alumni, with the singular goal of supporting Barlow. It's all right there, in our Mission Statement.

SBHSAA believes that an important part of that mission will consist of scholarships, awarded to deserving Barlow seniors each year. We want to encourage current Barlow students, just like we were encouraged when we were in their shoes. We believe that when students see the overwhelming support of alumni, they'll understand the importance of community, discipline, and commitment.

Our goal is to fund a substantial scholarship for at least one deserving senior each year. With your support, we can do even more.

Our story is just beginning! Please join us! We have exciting things planned, all of them intended to further our mission to support Sam Barlow High School—tangibly, financially, enthusiastically.